Senator Art Haywood

Senator Art Haywood is an advocate for everyday people. By getting everyday people organized to demand change, he believes we can make Pennsylvania work for us.

Art on the Issues

Raise the Wage

  • The minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is poverty pay
  • As a member of Raise the Wage PA Coalition, Haywood has co-sponsored legislation to raise the wage to $15
  • Raising the wage will stimulate our economy with new consumer spending
  • Raising the wage will cut government spending on public assistance by over $200 million a year
  • Haywood was nominated as pro labor legislator of the year by the AFL-CIO in 2016
  • Haywood received the Economic Justice Award by the Philadelphia Unemployment Project in 2017

Invest in Education

  • Underfunded public schools leave thousands of children behind in Pennsylvania
  • We have the country’s largest gap between well-funded and poorly funded schools
  • Pennsylvania has the 2nd highest student loan debt in the nation
  • Investing in education will attract businesses
  • Haywood has introduced the “fair share tax proposal” to fully fund education

Prevent Gun Violence

  • Thousands of our neighbors are shot each year
  • We need to build a citizens movement that will compete with the gun rights groups
  • Pass common sense legislation for background checks and handgun licensing
  • Erode the culture of violence by mentoring youth
  • Haywood received a Hero for Gun Violence Prevention by the Charles Foundation in 2016

Protect the Environment

  • Climate change is threatening the planet
  • Build on sustainability plans in Philadelphia and Cheltenham
  • Make the transition to renewable energy sources
  • Haywood earned a 100% rating by Penn Environment in 2016